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projet 4:4:1

4 chorégraphes : 4 semaines : 1 thématique partagée.

Deux artistes émergents basés à Berlin et deux basées en Normandie sont invités pour un programme international de résidence longue et immersive. 

Pendant quatre semaines, dès le mois d’octobre, les chorégraphes s’engagent simultanément dans la création d’un prototype de solo tout en bénéficiant d’un accompagnement dramaturgique, théorique, musical et technique.

During an intensive residency of 4 weeks, the choreographers are being invited to explore the thematic of “impossible repetitions”. Exploring repetition through movement, gesture or structure means engaging with its impossibility. The pleasure that derives from it has something to do with its impossible ending, but also with a becoming undone through it, with a process of learning, re-learning and unlearning how to be who we are, beyond what we already know…

4:4:1 is probing various approach of performance by offering a embodied experience which lays toward aesthetic movement research. It takes the shorter towards a new way of experience performance, where physicality is explored and presented collectively.


Charlotte Rousseau a donc créé "WILL I BURN MYSELF?"

"I don't care about my chances

I don't care about Time

Or my discouragement

But I need to continue, try Again.


I want to follow the brightness in the dark 

even burnt I will fall and raise "

ch rousseau


chorégraphie & danse : Charlotte Rousseau

Original Music : Borusiade

Durée : 12 minutes

distribution du projet 4:4:1

Choreography : Charlotte Rousseau, Flora Pilet, Sebastian Abarbanell, Steven Fast

Original Music : Borusiade 

Light Design : Shaly 

Mentorship : Eirini Kartsaki, Judith Sanchez Ruíz

Creative Production : Pierre Renard

Production : CDCN Chorège, supported by DRAC Normadie and NEUSTART Kultur - Initiative Musik

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